The mission of the Policy Working Group is to enhance the linkage between DOSI science and the formulation of policy related to the deep ocean, both within and beyond national jurisdictions. The Policy Group will build on the policy-related activities of the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative across Working Groups and provide connections to external legal entities and instruments.  It will maintain a broad perspective across all sectors and themes to ensure efficient communication, coordination, and consistency within DOSI, and enhance the visibility of DOSI efforts on a global scale.

Current Working Group Activities:

  1. Linking the DOSI Working Groups in terms of their policy engagements and outputs

Recent Working Group Activities:

  1. DOSI participation in the UN Oceans Conference, June 2017.  DOSI hosted a side-event alongside others (report to follow shortly), submitted Voluntary Committments entitled “Science for deep-ocean sustainability” and delivered an intervention during the conference.
  2. DOSI Policy Brief submitted to the second meeting of the UN BBNJ PrepCom, August-September 2016
  3. DOSI input to IPBES draft scoping report of the thematic assessmet of the sustainable use of biodiversity – October 2016

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please contact WG Lead: Suzanne Garrett (sgarrett(a)oceanleadership.org)