Many different groups focus on various aspects of deep-ocean stewardship, ranging from intergovernmental panels, to Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, to non-governmental organizations, to state regulatory agencies, industries, various commissions and informal groups. Some have a specific focus (mining, bottom fishing, etc.), while others are more broad-based. There is a need for enhanced communication, coordination and, in some cases, partnerships across these groups. This working group is charged with enhancing communication and understanding among all who have a stake in the deep ocean.

Working Group  Activities:

  1. DOSI website created to give background information and details of all current DOSI activities.
  2. Provide a centralized location and mailing list for information about on-going deep-sea stewardship activities across multiple sectors, jurisdictions and disciplines.
  3. Creation of a working list of organization and agencies (with contacts) with an interest in issues relevant to deep-sea stewardship.
  4. Ensure DOSI visibility in meetings and workshops including holding multidisciplinary sessions on DOSI themes at national and international meetings (e.g. AAAS DOSI special session, Feb 2014; WCMB, Oct 2014; IOC-UNESCO Assembly, June 2015; DSBS, August 2015, ISA 22nd Session as DOSI Observers, July 2016).
  5. Engagement with key bodies focused on deep-ocean stewardship such as ISA, UN BBNJ PrepCom, IOC, GOC, GOBI, WOC, IMO etc.

If you are interested in participating in the DOSI-Communication working group, please contact WG leads: Maria Baker & Lisa Levin